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Don Creekmore has opened Nation's Attic. an Internet based business for playing with slot machines, though gambling in Wichita is illegal. Creekmore was buying, selling and restoring vintage slot machines as a part time job for the past year, though since the high demand for the machines, he is now working at it as a full time job!

Creekmore said that he didnt really know too much about the slot machines untill he bought one in an auction, several years ago. He then started to study and learn about the history of those machines and realized that he can turn his new hobby into a business. when asked, Don said that he likes antique slot machines, their history, and the fact that they are illegal. He also said that most of the people who buy the machines from here are more interested in their history, rather than the fact that you can use it for gambling.

Creekmore said that his problem is in finding those machines. selling them is the easy part. He dealt with sellers and buyers from all around the world, and although Nation's Attic is in Wichita, most of the companies profits are made through its Internet site. Further information may be found on the official website, at

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